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Since 2004, Long Ridge Partners has been a leader in the Investment Management Recruitment space. Boutique and Institutional Investment Managers alike have been leveraging the resources of Long Ridge’s front, middle, and back office recruiting solutions to build their organizations. The combined efforts of Long Ridge’s extensive experience include over 2000 placements. Whether it is a one-off hiring need or the build-out of an entire firm, our thoughtful, nimble approach has allowed our distinguished list of clients to strategically grow their business.


Recognizing the growing needs of our clients led Long Ridge to launch several other verticals including Long Ridge Real Estate, Long Ridge Legal and, most recently, Long Ridge Partners IT (LRPIT). Understanding the convergence of Investments and Technology, LRPIT focuses on recruiting Developers, Programmers, and Software Engineers to assist our clients in developing front and back end solutions.

Why Long Ridge Partners?

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Since our founding, Long Ridge Partners has been leading the way in Alternative Investment recruiting. Recognized as one of the largest boutique investment management-focused search firms in the world, our team knows how to identify your specific needs and execute in an efficient manner. We have watched many hedge funds evolve from start-ups to large institutional-quality organizations, and have been actively involved in the recruiting processes for all sizes. Whether the adoption of data-driven analytics, the move to quantitative research and technology-enabled trading, or any other change, Long Ridge has consistently adapted to the tides of an ever-evolving industry. Providing front, middle, and back office recruiting solutions, our combination of industry knowledge and practical work experience allows us to introduce our clients to the highest quality professionals in the market.

Relationship-Driven »

Long Ridge is a thoughtful, relationship-driven practice and our longstanding relationships set us apart. We know our clients, having worked with many of them since their inception, and we know their specific needs. We also know that hiring the right person can set you apart from the competition, while hiring the wrong person can set your organization back years. Our experience guides us to best practice: build relationships first, make introductions accordingly. Long Ridge’s established client relationships allow us to recruit the right cultural and functional professionals for the specific teams they will join.

Ahead of the Curve »

Our team is nimble, quick, and always ahead of the curve. Knowing there’s more to recruiting than checking off requirement boxes, we take the time to listen and understand the needs of both our clients and our candidates. We target specific people for specific roles, introducing clients to candidates with the highest probability of success. Long Ridge excels in finding exceptional professionals and ensuring nothing happens during the process to keep them from being placed on the right team. With extensive experience negotiating deals, our recruiters are able to anticipate potential problems, course correct, and see the process through to a successful end.

At Long Ridge, we view diversity in hiring as something more than just a talking point. We genuinely believe that hard work, drive, and determination are universal traits, and that greatness can be afforded to all with the desire to achieve it regardless of race, gender, or sexual orientation. Our clients understand that different viewpoints help them gain perspective, and we strive to place candidates who can help them see the whole picture.

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