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Since 2004, Long Ridge Partners has been a leader in the Investment Management Recruitment space. Boutique and Institutional Investment Managers alike have been leveraging the resources of Long Ridge’s front, middle, and back office recruiting solutions to build and scale their organizations.

The combined efforts of Long Ridge’s extensive experience includes nearly 4,000 placements. Whether it is a one-off hiring need or the build-out of an entire firm, our thoughtful, nimble approach has allowed our distinguished list of clients to strategically grow their businesses.

Recognizing the growing needs of our clients led Long Ridge to launch several other verticals including Long Ridge Real Estate, Long Ridge Legal and, most recently, Long Ridge Partners IT (LRPIT).

As the investment management landscape continually evolves, so do the needs of our clients. Long Ridge Partners has consistently stood by their side throughout the years, adapting to emerging positions, functions, and categories with unwavering support and expertise.

Why Long Ridge Partners?

Industry Leaders

Since our inception, Long Ridge Partners has been at the forefront of Alternative Investment recruiting, setting the standard for excellence in the field.

Renowned as one of the leading investment management-focused search firms globally, our
team excels in pinpointing your unique requirements and executing with precision and speed.
Having witnessed the evolution of numerous hedge funds, from start-ups to institutional-quality
entities, we've played an integral role in the recruitment processes for firms across all scales.


Long Ridge takes a thoughtful, relationship-driven approach, distinguishing us within the industry. Our enduring connections are the cornerstone of our practice.

We intimately understand our clients, having partnered with many since their inception, and we possess deep insights into their unique requirements. We recognize that the right hire can propel an organization ahead of its competitors, while the wrong choice can lead to setbacks lasting years.

Our wealth of experience informs our methodology: prioritizing relationship-building and fostering enduring partnerships. Leveraging our extensive client network, we specialize in recruiting professionals who not only align culturally but also functionally with the teams they join.

Ahead of the Curve

Our team operates with agility, speed, and a proactive approach.

Knowing there’s more to recruiting than checking off requirement boxes, we take the time to listen and understand the needs of both our clients and our candidates. We target specific people for specific roles, introducing clients to candidates with the highest probability of success.

Long Ridge excels in finding exceptional professionals and ensuring nothing happens during the process to keep them from being placed on the right team. With extensive experience negotiating deals, our recruiters are able to anticipate potential problems, course correct, and see the process through to a successful end.

our values

Long Ridge Values

We believe in partnering with our clients to build organizations that reflect our ever-changing world and a workplace where an individual’s ideals and beliefs are equally recognized and more importantly, afforded the same opportunities.


Long Ridge Partners Scholarship

Long Ridge Partners is proud to announce that Kaylin Velasquez is the recipient of the 2024 Long Ridge Partners Scholarship.

Long Ridge Partners has partnered with Success Academy Charter Schools to provide an annual scholarship targeted at underrepresented scholars pursuing an undergraduate Business or STEM related degree.

Success Academy Charter Schools is a network of 47 schools in New York City. Over 94% of its 21,000 students are children of color, and three-quarters receive free or reduced-price lunch. The schools are free public K-12 schools open to all children in the state through a random lottery.


Michael Goodman
Managing Partner
Adam L’Esperance
Jason Schulman
Jason Sklar
Matt Sullivan

Our Team

Adel Alizadeh
Vice President
Aisha Kebbeh
Alan Hershkowitz
Managing Director, Legal
Alan Lowe
Managing Director
Albert Hanan
Senior Associate, LRPIT
Alexandra Lyon
Managing Director
Allison Fox
Head of People, HR
Andrew Smith
Andrew West
Chirag Jethanandani
Managing Director
Chris Stefl
Senior Associate
Chrissie Shin
Senior Associate
Colin Cummings
Vice President
Daniel Cox
Senior Associate
David Floyd
Managing Director
David Giladi
Director, LRPIT
Doug Cohen
Managing Director
Ed Hossain
Director, Legal
Eric Freiberg
Managing Director
Evan Fox
Partner, Legal
Fiona Campbell
JP Collins
Senior Associate
Jack Gill
Senior Associate
Jake Grill
Vice President
Julia Asher
Senior Associate
Kevin Duque
Vice President
Kunal Batra
Senior Associate, LRPIT
Kwaku Adjei-Bohyen
Director, Legal
Lijo Thomas
Director, LRPIT
Marissa Bradley
Senior Coordinator
Michael Osenni
Michelle Pierce
Senior Associate
Owen Dinsmore
Rob Quatroni
Senior Managing Director
Ryan McLean
Sara O'Han
Sasha Richter
Sinziana Bunea
Senior Associate

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Whether you aspire to join a top-tier team or are looking to build one, Long Ridge Partners offers the expertise and insight needed to secure the perfect fit for you or your business. Allow us to leverage our wealth of experience to empower your success.

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