“What makes 2017 unique is that we are in an environment where redemptions and hedge fund closures are at an all-time high, yet the demand for talented individuals has never been greater.

“The 2017 trends we are seeing comes from credit funds, specifically in the direct lending space. In addition to credit, we have seen a significant uptick in recruiting at both real-estate and private-equity firms. Consistent with 2016, multi-manager, multi-strategy hedge funds are still seeking senior investment talent, including senior analysts and portfolio managers. Strategies most active at the multi-manager hedge funds include fixed income, macro, and commodities (financial, not physical).

“My advice to job seekers is twofold. If you are looking to move firms within the next year, look to identify funds that have longer consistent track records, ones that have had steady asset growth — they will offer the most stability.

“Additionally, culture and personality are often overlooked. Seek an environment where you are comfortable and feel that you fit in, one that you are able to research and get positive data points on. Not every firm is a good fit.

“Just because a firm is willing to pay you does not mean it is the right place for you. It is wiser to forgo short-term compensation for longer term stability and culture.”

Originally published on Business Insider. View the original article here.