Senior Analyst, Generalist

The firm:
The investment process focuses on small/micro-cap equities in developing markets. They have a strong long bias and are looking for asymmetric risk/reward on a multi-year investment horizon: 3-4x upside in 4 years with limited possibility of capital impairment. The core of the research involves speaking with industry experts and it takes months for the team to build conviction in a stock.

The Role:
The senior analyst will report directly to the Portfolio Manager and the founder of the fund and will work with another senior analyst on the fund. He/She will be responsible for generating and researching ideas. This isn’t a typical “coverage model”, though. the firm has about 100 potential investments in the “pipeline” at any given time of which ~20 are “nearly actionable” ideas – processing this “pipeline” is the responsibility of the PM and the Senior Analyst. Most of the work is independent in the initial phases of researching an idea, but the PM becomes increasingly involved in the senior analyst’s research as the fund comes closer to investing in a stock.

The ideal candidate will have 5-10 years of experience, the majority of those years as a senior analyst covering public equities.