Executive Search Services

Long Ridge Partners provides Executive Search solutions to the Alternative Investment community across a number of different disciplines including Investments, Marketing and Infrastructure. Our recruitment expertise encompasses a number of different hedge fund strategies such as Long/Short Equity, Event Driven, Distressed, Global Macro, Relative Value and Credit.

Specialized Search Services

  • Tailored to your specific search needs to keep our interests aligned, promote trustworthy relationship and objective advice.
  • Comprehensive, full coverage of candidate pool for strategically critical, failure-is-not-an-option, and highly specialized mandated searches.
  • Targeted and stealth approach, front-loaded with custom primary and secondary research.
  • Transparent project management including dynamic contact universes, networking plans and weekly activity reports with anecdotal notes.
  • Dedicated account manager and multiple execution recruiters.
  • Broader approach to a less defined or targeted candidate pool on opportunistic hiring search projects.
  • Activity-driven with more aggressive outreach and fewer points of contact per submitted candidate.

Hedge Fund Portfolio Manager Compensation Advisory Consulting Service:

We are offering an in-person compensation advisory service focusing on Portfolio Managers. This is not a static compensation survey but a real time view of how your competitors compensate their PMs – this includes the tools and additional resources they use to retain them. This product is geared at firms who employ multiple portfolio managers (each with full discretion over their investments) and pay formulaically. The information which will be covered is unique, heavily guarded, and not available from any other source. The purpose is to help you determine how and why you are competitive, and where you are potentially falling short. The information is best used to attract new talent and retain existing PM’s.

If you are interested in this offering, please contact Adam for further information:
212.366.6685 | adam@longridgepartners.com

Adam L’Esperance is a partner at LRP with nearly 15 year of HF experience who will delve deep into the following topics:

  • General lay of the land regarding hedge fund PM’s and where there is the most demand and activity
  • Most coveted attributes in a PM amongst competitors and how they vary
  • Wide range in how multi-PM hedge funds compensate PMs
  • Important non-economic methods of compensation
  • Where do you stack up against your peer group?
  • How can you become more competitive within the structural limits of your firm?


Value Added Services

Long Ridge Partners goes beyond search services and offers additional services and advisement in many different ways. From start-ups to spin-offs, we have worked with companies in various stages and development, with a wide variety of human resource needs and demands. This experience, coupled with our on-going work with leading Hedge Funds and Fund of Funds for more than a decade has given us unparalleled experience and know-how that can be harnessed by your organization. Discover the difference Long Ridge Partners can make to your firm.

  • Secession Planning
  • Employee Retention
  • Team Building
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Organizational Development

The Long Ridge Process

Long Ridge Partners takes a highly organized, process driven, research intensive approach to recruiting. Our process allows us to leverage our resources to identify and source the best qualified individuals that are not only applicable to the search but will also fit into the culture of your organization.

  • Candidate Identification

    Utilize our vast network of industry professionals, extensive database and experienced research department to identify the most relevant candidates. Then we initiate our thorough interview process by individually meeting and speaking with each prospect ensuring they not only functionally fit the role but will fit in with your team and organization. From here a short list of prospects is put together and introductions are made.

  • Interview Process Management

    This is Long Ridge Partners added value. We work with both client and candidate to ensure that each party has the necessary information in order to make an educated decision. By liaising with all individuals in the process, it allows a firm to become more comfortable with the candidate and the candidate to become more comfortable with the firm. In addition, our extensive Executive Search experience enables us to proactively identify problems and alleviate any potential deal ending issues.

  • Seasoned Negotiators

    When it comes to the offer process, Long Ridge Partners is skilled in the art of negotiations. In addition to our 18 years of negotiating deals at the Executive Search level, our senior team members have all been educated by the Program on Negotiation for Senior Executives at Harvard Law School.

Our Performance

We’ve Negotiated Over
Successful Placements During our Careers

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Receive Counter Offer(s)


of Candidates Placed During the Past 5 Years are Still with the Company

Fund Sizes of Our Clients

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Recent Searches

While every job comes with its own unique set of parameters and variables, we have sought to apply a rock-solid plan to our process to ensure our candidates meet our clients’ needs. Take a look at how we sort through the potential candidates to find the perfect fit.

> Head Trader





Second Round

One Offer Made
and Accepted.

> Healthcare PM





Multiple Rounds

One Offer Made
and Accepted.

> Senior Associate, Private Equity





Second Interview

Multiple Rounds

Two Offers Made.
One Offer Accepted.

Successful Placements

Senior Placements

CFO $6bn+ multi-strat hedge fund
Director of Acquisitions at Top Asian real estate PE firm in NYC
Director, IT $1.5B Commodity Hedge Fund
Energy Sub-PM $20bn+ multi-strat hedge fund
Head Trader $20bn+ multi-strat hedge fund
Emerging Portfolio Manager $20bn+ multi strat hedge fund
GC at top Asian real estate PE firm in NYC
Head of Data Science/Machine Learning $32 Billion multi-strategy hedge fund in NYC
Head of Energy Sector at cross capital structure single managed hedge fund
Head of Credit Strategies Sector for $3B aum multi-strategy Fund of Fund in NYC
Head trader at fundamentally driven credit hedge fund
Junior Portfolio Manager $60B Credit Investment Manager
Managing Director, Head of US Sales $6B Quantitative Hedge Fund
MD, Head of Distribution $2.5B Equity Long/Short Hedge Fund
MD, Head of Research for CTA $1.2B Quantitative Hedge Fund
Nat Gas Trader/Portfolio Manager $1.5B Commodity Hedge Fund
Principal at an industry leading boutique M&A Advisory Firm
Principal debt originator at an industry leader within BDC/Private Debt
Risk Manager $50B Fund of Hedge Funds
Product Manager $2B Infrastructure Fund
Vice President, Investor Relations $15B Equity Long/Short Hedge Fund

Portfolio Managers

Portfolio Manager TMT Managed Account Platform
Portfolio Manager, Asia Technology Managed Account Platform
Portfolio Manager, European Equities $7B Hedge Fund
Portfolio Manager, Fixed Income Volatility $24B Multi Strategy Hedge Fund
Portfolio Manager, Industrials Family Office
Portfolio Manager, Corporate Credit $6B Multi Strategy Hedge Fund
Portfolio Manager, Healthcare $6B Multi Strategy Hedge Fund


Senior RFP Writer $60B Credit Investment Manager
Trader, Volatility Commodity Trade House


Senior Analyst, Industrials $7B Equity Long/Short Hedge Fund
Senior Analyst, Merger Related Strategies $9B Multi Strategy Hedge Fund
Senior Analyst, Technology $15B Equity Long/Short Hedge Fund
Analyst, Agriculture $1B Equity Long/Short Hedge Fund
Analyst, Biotech & Med Devices $8B Equity Long/Short Hedge Fund
Analyst, Business Development at a blue chip investment manager
Analyst, CLOs (2) $30B Credit Fund
Analyst, Consumer Investment $20bn+ multi-strat hedge fund
Analyst, Credit at a $60B credit investment manager
Analyst, Equity Syndicate team at a large multi-strategy hedge fund in NYC
Analyst, Generalist $250M Event Driven Hedge Fund
Analyst, Generalist $450M Equity Long/Short Hedge Fund
Analyst, Industrials $4B Equity Long/Short Hedge Fund
Analyst, Investment Banking Boutique M&A Advisory Firm
Analyst, Investment Research (3) $5B Special Situations Fund
Analyst, Investment Research (2) $3B Event Driven Credit Hedge Fund
Analyst, Middle Market Credit $600M Credit Hedge Fund
Analyst, Merger Arbitrage $14B Alternative Asset Manager
Analyst, Client Services $40B Diversified Alternative Investment Manager
Analyst, Real Estate Debt Real Estate Private Equity Fund
Analyst, TMT at blue chip L/S equity hedge fund in NYC
Analyst, TMT Investment $20bn+ multi-strat hedge fund


Senior Associate, Private Equity $40B Diversified Alternative Investment Manager
Associate BDC Diversified Alternative Investment Manager
Associate, Commodities Risk $20bn+ multi-strat hedge fund
Associate, Execution Services $20bn+ multi-strat hedge fund
Associate, Financials $12B Private Equity Fund
Associate, Investor Relations Real Estate Private Equity Fund
Associate, Investor Relations $15B Equity Long/Short Hedge Fund
Associate, Real Estate Real Estate Private Equity Fund
Associate, Research $1B CTA
Associate, Operations $800M Credit Hedge Fund
Associate Portfolio Manager at a $60B credit investment manager
Associate Trader, Volatility $6B Multi Strategy Hedge Fund
Associate, Client Services $10B Private Equity Fund
Associate, Corporate Strategy $20bn+ multi-strat hedge fund